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Offering German and English lessons   guter beitrag schlechter beitrag
My name is Michael Schmidt and i`m a student from Germany. I`ve been in China since 1 month and will stay in Beijing for a couple of months. At the moment I`m private teaching English and German here in Beijing. I`m searching for more customers or education organisations who are interested in having an english and/or german teacher.

My knowledge of languages is based on:

German - native language
English - A-Level degree (9 years of studies, experienced knowledge and fluent speaking)
French - A-Level degree (4 years, basic knowledge, standard talking experience)

I also have experience in working with children as I used to work as a supervisor in a youth centre in Germany.

If You are interested in improving your language skills or if your organisation is in need of more teachers, please contact me via email:

With many thanks,
Michael Schmidt
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