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These days i began to study German cause i plan to work for Deutsche Bank after gruaduation next year, aber es ist nicht einfach (very very hard) lol~though i love it
I wonder is there any good ways to learn German well ?
As for the gender of each noun ,is there any good way to help remembering ? i find it's really hard to remember whether to use der, or das,or die> < And i am so confused by the change of verb, each verb has to change lots according to not only subject like ich, dich , also the tent
A helpless shanghaiese girl looking for good way to study this new language now ~~~~

Well, i am a local girl studying in Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, i sincerely hope to find an Internatonal student here who is willing to be language partner with me ,I can teach Chinese and shanghaiese in return .This summer vacation i attended a project to live with some American students and help them with Mandarin ,so i am confident in assisting western students with their chinese : )
If you are interested in ,please contact me :
aw: look for good way to study German~   guter beitrag schlechter beitrag
nutcracker (Gast)
I hv no idea, whether German has any consistent rules, I d guess rather NOT.

So my suggestion: practise, practise.

Wish you ll find someone here, if not you might try New Oriental, I hear they have a good german program, or Goethe Institute.
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