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Below is the description of my problem,

please allow me to start with my problem and later on I will ask You for advice on how I should proceed.
Well some three months ago I ordered bikes for children from two different producers in your country
(two bikes from each producer) within sample debugging.

Following initial negotiations regarding the price and dispatch costs, I transferred the specific amounts
of money to the producers? accounts. After waiting for one month, I received some information that they
are still not ready to assemble the bikes or that they are not able to assemble the model which had been
the object of our negotiations. At the same time they agreed to reimburse the money I had transferred to them.
However, after two months of waiting they stopped answering my e-mails and I did not receive my money back,
simply there is totally no communication as per this day.

In this situation I am going to inform many other producers of bikes in China about how the two companies in the
same line of business proceed committing simple scam /fraud/ and I am also planning to notify the Chinese Embassy in Warsaw.
But perhaps this is not enough, so that is why I politely request that you provide me with a few e-mail addresses to authorities
in your country (Ministry of Home Affairs, General Prosecutor) who should be informed about such unreliable proceedings of producers.

Thank you in advance for helping me with the above.

In anticipation of a rapid response
Best Regards
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no_sports (Gast)
Forget it. Money is gone.
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Hi Georg,

maybe you try the Polish Embassy in China / Economic Dept for further help / support, otherwise I have to agree with the other comment - forget it !
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Banker (Gast)
George, why dont you try the words "alibaba" and "fraud" in google and you will find thousands of cases such as yours. NO ONE will help you with it, there are just too many cases and unexperienced buyers in the western world.

Besides that: There is a Anti-Dumping Tarif on Bicycles from China.
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