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Taxation Service from China Solution

China Solution specializes in helping Foreign Enterprises succeed in the rapidly growing Chinese marketplace. We provide a comprehensive and affordable range of consulting services including Registration of Foreign Invested Enterprises, Tax Strategy, Accounting, Auditing, Law, and Government Relations.

Law Consulting Service from China Solution

Law / Litigation
Foreign companies come in contact with the Chinese legal system the moment they decide to enter the Chinese market. Legal aspects must be considered in relation to enterprise formation, investment approval, real estate, human resources, environmental protection and taxation.

International companies sometimes must resolve disputes with local companies or contractors. The Chinese legal system?s structure might be perceived as an obstacle, but with its professional, knowledgeable and up-to-date lawyers, CS can protect your business interests in China. Take advantage of our extensive and close relationship with government institutions to ensure the smooth success of your business in China.

 Establishment of foreign invested enterprises
 Investment policy consultation
 Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
 Due diligence
 Arbitration/mediation
 Intellectual property law
 Licensing agreements
 Provide information on updated legislation

Registration of Foreign Invested Enterprise
Procedures for setting up an FIE can be complicated; China Solution maintains very close contacts with several government agencies that expedites this process. China Solution?s services cover all aspects of registering a FIE from due diligence, to formulating contracts and articles of association, capital verification, and even restructuring existing FIE's.
Registration of WFOE and JV
 Register a Manufacturing FIE
 Register a Service FIE
 Register a Trading FIE (Wholesaling and Retail)
 Amend Amount of Registered Capital
 Amend Enterprise Name
 Amend the Registered Address of the Enterprise
 Amend the Business Scope
 Amend the Articles of Association
 Convert the Enterprise to a Trading FIE
 Amend Board Membership
 Capital Verification
 Liquidation of the Enterprise

Registration of a Representative Office
 Registration
 Extend the Term of Operation
 Change the General Representative Officer
 Miscellaneous (such as Change of Address or Name)
 Capital Verification

If you are interested in our service please contact:
Janet Cui
Or Mob: +86 138 1156 5583

Room 18A7, Floor 18, East Wing, Hanwei Plaza
No.7 Guanghua Road Chaoyang District
Beijing 100004 China
北京市朝阳区光华路7号汉威大厦东区18层 18A7室 邮编100004
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